Accurate Concrete Scanning LTD

Project Details

  • Category : Web Design, SEO, Copywriting
  • Client : Dustin Stadnyk

Accurate Concrete Scanning faced many challenges with their marketing which included:

  • not being found on Google
  • a Website that was not converting visitors to leads
  • relying strictly on word of mouth for sales
  • No differentiation of services between their competitors
  • Our resultsafter the project was completed:

  • number 1 on Google for "Winnipeg Concrete Scanning"
  • optimized page speeds and mobile friendly
  • %15 conversion rates (out of 100 calls the website averages 15 phone calls)
  • ROI of 100% after a few months of completion
  • Going forward we continue to have a working relationship as we improve the sites SEO

      Old Site

    • New Site